Trade Management

Broker-neutral trade order management platform

We offer three distinct products

Improve your execution capabilities

Step-out order routing to brokers and their algorithms and monitor order flow in real-time with market data

Optimize workflows

Automate trading and post-trading activities, such as order blocking, creating and managing child orders, handling basket orders, and generating allocations

Reduce operational risks

All-in-one, centralize order-trade-allocation workflow across accounts, executing brokers, clearing firms and custodian banks

Order Management

As a web-based Trade Order Management platform, Flyer Online is a turn-key solution for wealth managers to automate routine trading activities and closely manage complex orders and it is fully integrated with the Flyer Trading Network.

Flyer Online is an all-in-one, multi broker TOM enabling a manager to have direct control of his or hers order flow. Being specifically designed for wealth managers, the platform provides straight-thru processing for all standard workflows, such as directed and step-out trading. Flyer Online is unique because it provides tools to the managers and traders to stage and work orders to modify or cancel orders, create blocks, manage child-parent order relationships, use broker algorithms and manual fills. Traders have real-time insight into the order flow enabling them to handle critical trading issues and quickly status orders in the market.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Multi-asset support, including Equities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures & Fixed Income.
  • Order entry, handling and routing
  • Built-in order blocking, trade-aways and step out
  • Client account trade rotation
  • Extensive API support: FIX, file-based, API and data exporting
  • Access to broker trading algorithms

Position Explorer

Position Explorer, part of Flyer Online, provides a wealth manager the ability to view in real-time current portfolio holdings, values and Profit and Loss information.

Key Considerations:

  • Account and Portfolio Grouping: Better understand your client’s portfolio and accounts by customizing views and levels, such as individual accounts, sleeves and households. The hierarchy framework allows for managers to drill down into position level data to better understand a client’s holdings.
  • Real-time PnL: Overlaying positions and trading activity, Position Explorer computes PnL by marking positions to real-time market data. The manager has direct insight into the unrealized and realized profits and losses as well as daily gains and losses.
  • Data Integration: Account data import is supported for all major brokers, custodians and accounting platforms. The process is automatically handled by Position Explorer.

Allocation Management

The agile allocation engine handles simple to complex allocation processing for managers, custodians and TAMPs. With a unified data model with order management, post trade processing automates allocation generation, specifically for block trades. The allocation engine supports multi algorithms to create and send allocations to the brokers via the FIX Trading Network.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Automated & manual allocation algorithms, such as pro-rata and FIFO
  • Pre- and post-trade allocation support
  • Intra- and end of-day allocation processing

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