• September 11, 2017

    FIX Flyer Wins Hackathon Award at FUSE 2017

    Flyer Wins Best Integration Business Intelligence Award at Orion's FUSE 2017 conference September 9, 2017 Park City, Utah -- Each year, the best software developers in FinTech attend the FUSE () conference to build new integrations and change the technology experience for investment advisors This year’s challenge was to integrate with Insight, Orion’s interactive client presentation At the…

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  • February 21, 2017

    Add FIX Execution to your Trading Workflow

    Orion Advisor posted a great article on adding FIX execution to trading Flyer is proud to be a part of their ecosystem Eliminating all manual work as part of the trading process, contrary to what the latest robo-advisor service might say, will never be completely However, there are areas of the trading process that can and should be refined…

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  • February 6, 2017

    The High Cost of Free FIX Software

    Flyer's FIX Engine is free and provides world-class performance, support, and scalability If you’re a trading shop looking to generate electronic orders or subscribe to data, you may be looking at FIX to facilitate this If cost is a concern, then you’re probably looking at open And if you’re looking at open source, you’ll probably end up looking at…

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