• February 21, 2017

    Add FIX Execution to your Trading Workflow

    Orion Advisor posted a great article on adding FIX execution to trading Flyer is proud to be a part of their ecosystem Eliminating all manual work as part of the trading process, contrary to what the latest robo-advisor service might say, will never be completely However, there are areas of the trading process that can and should be refined…

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  • February 6, 2017

    The High Cost of Free FIX Software

    Flyer's FIX Engine is free and provides world-class performance, support, and scalability If you’re a trading shop looking to generate electronic orders or subscribe to data, you may be looking at FIX to facilitate this If cost is a concern, then you’re probably looking at open And if you’re looking at open source, you’ll probably end up looking at…

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